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Tony Almighty Arcadia

In this page you can find the several world wide well known and renewed and from way too many (God damn), feared, books of mine. This books collection is divided in two parts, software programming books and what happens to many programmers used to write, write, write and write when stuck or bored and so putting down a pen on a piece of paper to scribble around in that meanwhile! Or perahps when they fall in love with, once an exotic mulatta, once with a coco-cabana dancing girl, once with a lucky star instead the moon, once with the bar maid in full reverse, once with the next door moma pompadur and maybe withe her sister, cousin, antie, nephew and their best friend too! Good read and good luck you all with your software development projects!!!

About Arcadia

Despite Al © 2016 project is free download, as I said all along, the way too many followers were very hungry to read all about this cute and roundly programming listing! So, my dear followers, you will have for some while then! I hope you'll be fully satisfied for another couple of years, the time to design and develop Eva9000! So, Al ©, will be your starter, or the starter kit for many new followers and hopefully future's talented developers! All the best with that and enjoy! However, in this page there is also the history of Al and my old good Visual Basic programming, you'd never know, sometimes many right answers are in the past instead of the present or the future! Beside, Web Programming without PHP and MySql at least or often and often, first, is just half way of Web Programming! Therefore, don't forget what I said right in front, which you should know by now, so far: "The programming material of this page is distributed under the Save Creative License. You can download and modify it as you like, but please bare in your mind that several demo projects have not been fully tested yet. (And that it is copyrighted material from marrow to bond!) So, because I explained all about in the home page, I assume that you should be prepared about to all the pre-requisites required by Visual Studio IDE (Doesn't matter what version), however, I tried to include all the software you might need in the Al © 2016. If you're having a hard time with those demo projects and issues just contact me. I'll modify them or even create a unique design for you based on your specifications. Meanwhile have fun coding with these programming books and infinite tanks to following my Al © project from so long. Thank You!!!

Software Books

But sofware development life is not made of all but programming, programming, programming! Sometimes, occasionally and eventually they like to go also for a beer, an ice cream or a ride on a bike or a Kawasaki! Eventually! Even if, it's more likely to be struck by an aereoplane then a developer rises his eyes from his computer or in most cases this is the way it is! However, in very rare cases they become like sleepwalkers! In my case it's just changing argument of a conversation to make the mind on something which has not been figured out yet! But, with overgoing of the years, 10 precisely and the events, countless precisely, writing other then programs has been like opening the Pandora box in my bedroom! This Pandora Box goes way back in the past, way back, with my first book, The New Yorker, and since then I have seen all! All colors! All shapes! All events! All! This says much about when a very serious and intended software developer is sleeping on his works and that it's better that it's never come woken up! If you wake up a sleeping walker as a very serious and inteded software programmer, he begins to analyze, design, program, develop and deploy other objects then the abstraction of his usual software! So, every little thing passing by in the range of his opened eyes comes like scanned by his way to see when usually sleepwalking! And then, is when the fun, the truouble, the danger, the panic, the disaster, the holocaust, the end of the world begins! The Pandora Box indeed! Thing that goes on and on on itself, like a 'primum movens'. The obects once popped out from that box, like magics, seem to come to life, as paintings of the devil! Or maybe Leonardo Da Vinci! Like if, just like a Monalisa still today almost 1000 years later, come and go, as they're pleased! As an entity of their own! As if they, indeed, were objects! As if, they were ... real! Or more then real, living!

Tony Amighty Books

Now, because this Pandora Box went really opened long, long ago, there is no way to turn around! This opened pandora Box becomes an entity of its own, even after this lousy software developer comes back to sleepwalk again! And just like the Monalisa, or a living entity that really comes and goes, influences colors, shapes, names, books, songs, movies, soap operas, news papers, fashion, schools, universities, politics, philosophy, fine arts, science, public relations, diplomacy, north, east, west and south, south pole, north pole, south emisphere, north emisphere, atmosphere, stratosphere, outer space, the moon, mars, jupter and the infinty and behond!