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Way Behind The JQuary Procedure!

The Computer programming is a jorney for me begun long ago when just eight years old. When just seventeen instead, since Italian high school imposed way too much Dante and Virgil's poetry and too little Newton's fearce and pierce, beside it seemed I was not really cut for WWII history books of that time schools. So, I was used to prefer going to work the land of my father, which he never stepped a foot in there, and work the land as a little young farmer, breaking time by time with homey sandwiches and beer or wine and then tipsy and tired of avoiding school day, once got home, I spent secretely a little happy hour on Amiga 500, in my room locked and often teased around by my brothers!

Tuesday 12th of February 2019 09:29:55 AM

My name is Carmine Rendina, I am a freelance software and web developer and designer since the early years of this new millenium, unfortunally I am not John Doe, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, so I have to live with that; moreover I failed to become the greatest painter of the century, the new Oscar Wilde and a Jazz-Rock walking legend and I think I have to live with that also. However, beside the jokes, I've seen that my last 8 years of software demo projects and more have rose tremendly in popularity, so I decided to publish them not only as a web programmer but also as a President's secretary. I thought to open a little school too, but I might get someone upset, so, by now I'd like to prefer it as informal way to publish my works and projects for students, learners, nerds and wizards. Despite my fame and well known polularity all around the globe, I am not an English man, nor American, nor Canadian and nor Australian either, in fact, I come from Naples, Italy, so I am used from very, ver

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I aknowlege the gentle viewer that most of the works published are quite genuine and honest.