Although I widely prefer the simplicity and power of Zend CSS-based design, like this page. I do not disike the latest techniques which some examples can be viewed in this page.

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Tony Almighty Artwork

In this page you can find some of the artwork and design that you might want to watch when you're boring in your office. Of course I tried to choose the most suitable for a public display, anyway you can download the whole artwork history in the link below. These links below will let you to download my last ten years artwork and design. Despite I am not Raffaello, Donatello, Leonardo or Michelangelo, I hope my artwork and design would help somehow the many who appreciate the least studied and the most overviewed part of computer designing and architecting other then kill some time in the office when boring. However, enjoy your download and good work to anyone!!!!

Anyway, beside the joke, despite I paint since a little boy, when I was just a kid painting was my major fun along building tin can robots! Yeah, I watched too many Mazinger Z episodes, nevertless, it was good teaching though, art and at the same time art of engineering dasign and yet again at the same time art of war! Or technically fighting! But yet, painting and drawing, had to start from somewhere, and that was a good way to start! Although it didn't stopped there, it became part of my routine game among the countryside! So, as kid I was pretty disgusting! Because I went to play in the green and colect all sort of insects, lizards and plants and actually drawing them one after another on my own book, often to do so the poor creature died, because to draw them I had to keep them in a jar, but most of the time I set them free almost alive and almost all in one piece, countless were wounds or stings by those much unlikely to pose for my ittle boy scout scientific book!!!

Of course little by little drawing and painting got deeper and deeper into volumes of books, which my father had plenty in his homy library. So, I began to appreciate other than just insects, lizards and plants, other than countless techniques and finest names in matter of fine art. And my style comes somehow from the reading, even if painting books is nothing but about reading! And I noticed in modern painting some subjects repeating itself all over again, which were landscapes, flowers in a vase, portraits and nudes! Thing that influenced my painting techniques all my life along!