About the author.

My name is Carmine Rendina, I am a freelance software and web developer and designer since the early years of this new millenium, unfortunally I am not John Doe, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, so I have to live with that; moreover I failed to become the greatest painter of the century, the new Oscar Wilde and a Jazz-Rock walking legend and I think I have to live with that also.

Funny Software Programming and Web Designer life though!

Despite my fame and well known polularity all around the globe, I am not an English man, nor American, nor Canadian and nor Australian either, in fact, I come from Naples, Italy, so I am used from very, very long time to garbage collection method and mechanism, even if, if you ask me, I still don't get the point of it in programming languages constituited of routines, it's like calling a piece of junk, rubbish! Of course I know several computer languages and mainframes and more, but, basically, I am still stuck with the old good Visual Basic, by now! But this doesn't mean that I forgot or neglected where I started, which means C++ and Java, there is always the moment to Java up, especially when you are sick and tired of what you see!

Way Behind The Procedure!

Therefore, my latest works about the C language are more concerned to work in a mixed technique project that I hope to publish for the next year, I think! and I didn't neglect my web programming either, in fact I consider my last project, Apache Website, one of the most beautifull web design I've ever made, you'll find out more info later on and hopefully in my book, Daedalus 2016. Thing which did not happen, well, yes, but just structurally, which means that is there but you can't see!

So, what's new!

Anyway, my programming popularity is not due all to my demo themselves but also because my dreadfull fame as painter, writer and musician, so, to keep the illusion or if you like, the delusion, I dedicated a few links and pages to those programmers and not who are still hungry for more! I have been living quite long time by now, somewhere around Manchester, England, so, I am used to green days either, so far I rose a little family in here, a wife, well, sort of, Adriana and three beautifull bugs, pardon! Children, Laura, my awfull fine one! Claudio, always good for a laugh and Federico, which makes people wish they were younger. I wish a place in the sunshine for them all, but with my umbrellas they can afford anywhere, I think, or perhaps, so far, for a little while! I hope I don't need to tell the story of my life in here, well, you can always read my books if you want to, so let's get into it! Beside the jokes, since 2016-2017 has been a uphill in my programmingn develepment, how my book, Daedalus says along, my main work has been updating my PHP MYSQL, Zend and CSS3 HTML5 techniques, despite a few C and Perl gaps! By the way enjoy Tony Almighty's Zend style website, which, if you like, you can download the script!